Our Story

Our Story:

St. Matthew’s Bracondale House opened its doors in 1982. At the time, The St. Clair West area had many vibrant places and centres but no building that provided affordable housing for seniors. In order to meet this need, Bracondale founder Reverend Gordon Hume enlisted the help of partners such as Timothy Eaton United Church and Deer Park United Church. Early on, staff and tenants wanted to add an interpersonal feel to the building.  In order to achieve this, we hired a Program Director and Coordinator. We also started to host a variety of activities such as communal dining and shopping services. In the late nineties, we started our supportive housing program. In 2004, we introduced a variety of programs such as yoga, classes for seniors, the formation of a choir, a monthly hearing support group, exercise programs, a fall prevention class, and a diabetes support group. Currently, Bracondale is a thriving hub for tenants (almost 200!), staff, volunteers and community members.  We are immensely grateful to our donors whose funding supports many of the activities and programs we have at Bracondale.

Our Mission Statement:

Our community accommodates seniors and families, providing a safe, caring environment and assisting older residents to live with dignity and independence.