Our Donors


We are thankful to our donors, volunteers, staff and community partners who helped make this past year a success despite the many challenges brought on by the pandemic. Thanks to your commitment, your compassion, and your generosity, we were able to continue offering programs and services that allow our seniors to live independently. 

2020 Donors’ Report

Read our 2020 donor report here.



Canadian Broadcast Sales
Cear Painting
Kleanol Distribution Inc.
Woodbridge Investment Corp.


Doris Adler
Albenia Alfaro
Olga Alzate
Subbaraman Anantha
Lynette Assness
Christopher Bee
Gheza Benjung
Ivan & Larisa Bogatyrev
Judith Brander
Pearl Buenafe
Grace Bulaong
Gayle Burns
Carrie-Ann Cacho
Mary Campbell
Susan Chance
Dawn Chaum
Gillian Christie
Joan Clemo
Ana Clifford
Kurt Clulow
Joanne Collingwood
Elizabeth Corcoran
Lorne & Cathy Cotter
Jennifer Cowley
Marie-Therese Curry
Elois Davis
Steve De Klerk
Susan DesLauriers
Jacquie Doran
Carolyn Doyle
Moira Duff
Michael & Stephanie Farnsworth
Chiyeko Fukushima
Marjorie Gibson
Alex Gourari
Joyce Gundy
Todd Hazelton

Margaret Helliwell
Dianne Hendrie
Mary Hickman
Sherrill Hilton
David Hughes
Dorothy Hyland
Naomi Jeffs
Betty Jerez
Sumiko Jin
Suzanne Johnston
Paula Kalil
Mrs. Cheng Kee Png
Mirjana Korenyi
David & Lynne Lamb
Hazel Lawson
Pat Lenard
Marty & Jon Linton
Susan Macauley
Gordon MacLean
Charlotte Maxwell
Brian Maxwell
Teresa McArdle
Linda McFarlane
Maria Medeiros
Merlinda Milla
Margaret Millar
Wai Yin Mok
Sheila Moll
Lorraine Mollon
Henderson Morris
Christina Mounsteven
Gerlinde Mueller
Helen Noah
Susan Noakes
Elisabeta Palatkai
Santiago Pardilla
Christine Pearce

E. Pinnock
Kathryn Posthumus
Mabel Poyser
Mary Renz
Margaret Rice
Eva Richter
Myrna Rimando
Arbela Rodriguez
Jane Schope
Robert Seguin
Susan Sharpe
Marjorie Shaver
Marie Shepherd
Seik Song
Monica Spragge
Rosetta Springer
Lynne Stott
Christine Tay
Audrey Taylor
Embaye Teferi
Lois Topham
Jane Turrittin
Marilynne Unger
Milagros Urbano
Doreen Vanini
Lori Walters
Miriam Watkins
Judy Watt-Watson
Gillian Watts
Margaret Welsh
Robert Weppler
Jean Williams
Kathleen Williams
Pearline Wisdom
Elizabeth Young


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