Meal Program

Looking for an affordable alternative to home cooking? Our seniors’ group dining program has over 45 different meal options, and is also a good way to meet other seniors.

It is open to:

  • Tenants of our building
  • Residents of our St. Clair West neighborhood (between Bathurst and Dufferin)

Each meal includes:

  • Fresh salad
  • A hearty main course
  • Dessert
  • Coffee or tea to finish off
  • Thursday lunches also include soup

Our newest menu options are: Liver & Onions, Roast Chicken Legs, and Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. See our menu calendar below to see our prices and what’s on offer today!

August 2017 Menu

August Menu 2017

Download a PDF copy of the menu here.


           M       T      W      T      F      S      S

Midday   $8.00   $8.00  $8.00  $9.00  $8.00  $8.00  $8.25

Evening  $7.50    n/a*   $7.50  $7.50  $7.50   n/a    n/a

*We do not serve communal evening meals on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tenants on our meal list are able to purchase pre-prepared frozen meals from us on those evenings.