Meal Program

Looking for an affordable alternative to home cooking? Held in our bright, welcoming dining room, our program boasts over 45 different menu items and is a great way to meet other seniors and enjoy a quiet, tasty meal.

Our program is open to residents of our building, as well as local residents who are 59 and older. Our newest menu options are: Liver & Onions, Roast Chicken Legs, and Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. See our menu calendar below to see our prices and what’s on offer today!

December 2018 Menu

Dec menu 2018 SMBH SASHA

Download a PDF copy of the menu here.


           M       T      W      T      F      S      S

Midday   $8.50   $8.50  $8.50  $9.50  $8.50  $8.50  $8.75

Evening  $8.00    n/a*   $8.00  $8.00 $8.00   n/a    n/a
Updated May 2018

*We do not serve communal evening meals on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tenants on our meal list are able to purchase pre-prepared frozen meals from us on those evenings.