Our New Tablet Program


We have launched a very exciting NEW program for seniors. If you came along to our Info Session on Wednesday, September 2nd then you know ALL about it. For over a year now, we have been listening to seniors’ requests for a computer-related class.

Now’s your chance. If you’ve ever been curious about computers and would like to know the basics, sign up.

The individual tutoring is done on tablets (no, we don’t mean solid slabs of stone). We use iPads which are similar to Kobos, Kindles or other touchscreen reading devices. Think of them as hand-held computers which can be fantastic reference and communication tools. If you’re not well acquainted with computers or simply feel nervous using one, take our class so you have a better handle on how one works and how it can make life a little easier.

You’ll be taught how to navigate independently, to use the internet with ease and to send emails. For those who are a little intimidated by computers, you will learn how to avoid scams and viruses so you can protect yourself, select privacy settings and go online with confidence.

The opportunities for you are endless …

If you need a quick jog of the memory for an address or phone number, it’s attainable within seconds of plugging in a few words into your browser (search box) on the internet. Soon you’ll be “Google-ing” things faster than your grandkids! In fact, once you familiarise yourself with either the tablet or computer, you can chat with family members online using Skype. Do you have friends or relatives who keep telling you to join Facebook? It’s a great way to share photos, information and to stay in touch. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Learning about this social media network and platform is a gradual process which gets easier with time.

So let’s start with entertainment. Do you enjoy classic games like Bridge, Euchre, Poker, Scrabble and Backgammon? Did you know you can play these online from the comfort of your couch while competing with others? There’s also movie and TV websites like Netflix which allow you access to an incredible archive of media.

What about booking Wheeltrans trips? If you find yourself being put on hold for extensive periods of time when you call the Wheeltrans hotline for a pick-up or drop-off, that era has ended. You can now jump on a computer (or tablet) to schedule a confirmed appointment within a few minutes.

You can also shop online … not just for fun indulgences like shoes, clothing and books … but for necessities like groceries and vitamins.

If you’re a member of the Toronto Public Library, there’s no need to trek all the way to your local branch to find out if they have your next best read. You can go onto their website to search the entire network’s catalogue for a book title, magazine, DVD or CD. In fact, if it’s not sitting on a shelf at your closest branch, you can place a hold on an item. Once it’s ready for pick up, you’ll get a message.

In fact, getting online and using a tablet is like going to the library for the first time. There’s a steep learning curve at first but then you’ll become amazed by what you can find in there! It might seem foreign, fearful and maybe even “not for you” – I’ve heard that phrase a few times. But you’ll be surprised by what you can find by typing in one or two words. And like learning most things, it gets easier the more time you invest in learning.

Sign up at our front office to take part in our weekly sessions (Thursdays at 1.30pm). This six-month program is run by ETAG and offers a step-by-step approach to learning. As we are a non-profit organization, we need to apply for grants to help fund our programs (ongoing and new). This program has been made possible thanks to a grant from the Ontario Provincial Government. 

Classes start on Thursday, September 17th! See you there …etag2


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